Money Hungry

By:Sharon G Flake

Plot overveiw:
This novel is such a relation to our world today. Sharon G. Flake uses many tecniuques to bring us into the life of Raspberry Hill.
Raspberry is a thirteen year old girl who is struggling with her teenage life. She is struggiling in the means of money. Throughout her life she has had the experience of always needing money. She once lived on the streets, outside, begging for food. She knows how it feels to need money. Now that she lives under a roof, she still thinks she needs to make as much money as she can. Anything, even a penny will make her smile with excitment and keep trying. She washes cars, skips classes, sells rotten candy, and cleans house for old people just to make the little amount of money that is made.Raspberry is known to smell her money, rub her money agianst her skin,and sometimes even drool comes rolling down her face.

Along with Raspberry, we are introduced to many more attachments of the stuggles. Including Zora, Ja'nae, and Mai, three of Raspberry's friends. Each girl has one thing in common, they each struggle with conflict in their life. This is why why are so close with eachother. One of them struggles with recent deivorce, another with a runaway mother, also another with her parents re-marrying another person into her life. Than theres Raspberry which is told about in the previous paragraph. They connect with eachother by using one another for advice and shoulders to rely on.

Author's History:
Sharon G. Flake is the author of five books. One of them being Money Hungry. Her work is used in public and private schools around the nation, from elementary to high school, and is sometimes required reading in colleges for students in education, child development, children's literature and English writing programs. Other than that, her work is a favorite for adults.Sharons work is on the Anti-Defamation League's website which stresses the use of children's literature to help educators address the problem of bullying in schools.She was born in Philadelphia,PA but now lives with her daughter in Pittsburgh, PA. She is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a BA in English. For many years she was a youth consuler for a foster care agency. She has written alot of articles for national publications.
Possible Study Guide Questions:
  • What is it that drives Raspberry's money-hungry ways?
  • Why does Raspberry's mother always yell at her for selling things?
  • What drew Raspberrys attention to cleaning homes for people?
  • Who is struggling with the divorce of her parents?
  • Where does Raspberry and her mother live currently in the novel?
Favorite Quote:
" money is the only thing in life that won't do you wrong"
This quote was said by Raspberry. She let this quote react to her actions and every thought that she had in her head. She belives that if you don't have money, there is no point in living life. She thinks money is a passion, a king.
My Reaction Of the Text:
I am glad i was able to experience reading the novel Money Hungry. This book is wild and adventures that anyone and everyone can relate to this book. I chose to read this book because a pervious novel i have read before by Sharon G. Flake.It is very interesting.
In the book an thirteen -year-old girl named Raspberry Hill is an starved for money she will go to any measure to get money. Raspberry dreams of moving out the projects seems to be running away from her like their trying to win a race but shes not winning .
The book was very good and it is a good book to read in your spare time,the book has humorous parts but there is mostly true parts that has a meaningful statement. I would recommend this book to anyone in this age of 12-16, because it shows whats going on in our everyday lifetime. It also shows what you may experience in your life time. Not alot of kids can say they have been through what Raspberry has been through but kids who are spoiled and rich, now could relize how lucky they are to have the life they do. To have the family and home they have. I enjoyed this book alot. I am looking foward to reading other novels by Sharon G. Flake.
Main Characters:
Raspberry- a thirteen year old african american who will do anything to achive money.
Ja'nae- one of Raspberrys friends whom Raspberry lent 200$ too.
Momma- Raspberrys mom who disaproves of Raspberrys selling stuff too people.


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